Written in 1835 LITTLE IDA’s FLOWERS was Hans Christian Andersen’s

first original story for children.

Containing a thinly-disguised portrait of himself as the student visitor, Mr Hans’ reply to the question; “Why are my flowers fading?” posed by Ida, his young companion, comes in the form of a story. A story which sets the imagination of the little girl alight. The vision he conjures up goes round and round in her head for the rest of the day. Come evening, she lays the flowers in her doll’s cradle to refresh them, only then, going to sleep herself at last.

But as the clock strikes 2, she awakes to the sound of beautiful piano music. Peeping through the door she watches a fantastical spectacle, as her playthings join the dance for one magical night.

This wintry dream is sparked into life by THEATRE ROTTO’s master puppeteers using, marionettes, hand puppets, shadow theatre and original live music. The performance also features Peter Quinnell’s spectacular settings which echo the papercutting activity with which H.C. Andersen would fascinate adults and children alike, as his fairy tales unfolded.

Puppets, script and music are from the team led by Julia Dunbar McLean with additional music from Chris Embury and marionettes by Orlando Bishop.

The performance is directed by Samuel Dutton, well known both as actor and puppeteer for his work with the R.S.C., Norwich Puppet Theatre and currently, the Little Angel Theatre.