LEAPING FROG is a puppet adventure following the journey of Goggles the jaunty little wood frog, who catapults from calm Little Pond into the much BIGGER outside world where she encounters excitements as well as challenges. Mr Fisher the Heron for one, a voyage down Running River with fair weather friend, Rubber Duck - is another, and not to mention an encounter with tricky Honk the Spotted Skunk, in the dark Wide Wood where icy winter is hiding. Leaping before she looked, nothing has prepared Goggles for the deep freeze! Can she ever return home again?

  “Theatrerotto gives us first rate storytelling, music, visual thrills and above all else – magic!”


The show is accompanied by varied live music and percussion with Chris Embury with storytelling and puppets by Julia Dunbar McLean. Along the way LEAPING FROG introduces children to natural history in a series of tantalising visual scenes created by Peter Quinnell.


The performance lasts 50 minutes and will enchant young accompanied children from 3 upwards. You can also see the puppets after!

An optional workshop lasts for approximately 1 hour 10 minutes either before or after the show.

The performance requires a darkened room for the shadow element in the story.

Frog on leaf.JPG